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Packaging for agribusiness and other markets

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International Baskets SA de CV, we are a proudly 100% Mexican company. We specialize in providing solutions of the highest quality and technology in injected and thermoformed packaging such as clamshells for fruit and plastic baskets for agribusiness.

Since 1994 we have positioned ourselves as a leading company in Mexico and the United States. And our commitment is with the industry. From care to ecology, producers, products and our customers, we take care of all of them, giving value to each part.




Our main focus:
Caring for nature, making a cleaner world suitable for the present and the future.

We are committed to the environment because we know that the time has come to be aware and start working for the sustainability of our planet.


People are the most important thing: from partners, collaborators, customers, suppliers and producers. Human potential is what makes companies move and it is necessary to generate leadership focused on human development. At Ib Pack we are a humanist company that inspires and promotes the development of people.


We use state-of-the-art technology in all our administrative and production processes to guarantee quality and time for our clients. The development and innovation that we generate is focused on caring for the ecology, making our company sustainable.

Committed to
the producers

The people who dedicate their lives to the fields are the most important thing to us because they provide the world with food and make our clients productive.

At IBPACk we have a support program for the picker to help you have a better quality of life. 

We develop thermoforming products tailored to your needs

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